Materials & Craftmanship

Built better plays better. Spencer Marston builds the finest billiard tables with a lifetime warranty.

Billiards has meant quality recreation for centuries. Spencer Marston is preceded by a long tradition of fine billiard tables. Spencer Marston Billiards Co. is rooted in the ideal that a billiard table should be something special—something extraordinary. Our tables are built with care by expert craftsmen with over 30 years of manufacturing experience, from the finest materials.

The result is a stunning look and a table for the perfect game. We are actively building on this tradition in our company every day, with every table. Each table is backed by a lifetime warranty. Yes, we trust our work that much. Make billiards a tradition in your home with the finest billiard table in this century.

Only the Best

All of our tables are built to BCA specifications, featuring 1-inch, three-piece slate construction for the most accurate play. Each table is constructed from 100% solid hardwood. Support beams stabilize each table and ensure a solid, level playing surface.

Frame Construction

Each leg is attached to the table frame by threaded aluminum inserts. This provides durable, precision assembly and reassembly without damaging the table.

No fiber or particle board is used in Spencer Marston tables. You will find other tables use fiber board, particle board, or both in their construction. It's why we use only high quality wood for our support beams.

While many table manufacturers use cross beams in their pool tables, only the highest quality tables feature beams running the length of the frame. Our Max-Support dual-beam construction includes two center beams to stabilize the frame and provide additional slate-leveling contact points.

Slate Construction

Slate thickness is one of the most important elements of the slate. The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) requires that the slate on tournament tables be 1" thick. All our tables have 1-inch thick, three-piece slate. It will provide the truest and most accurate play, and is the only slate guaranteed by the slate mines not to warp.

Three-piece slate offers the best performance. With three different sections of slate, each can be leveled individually to achieve a perfect level.

Framed slate has an MDF liner attached directly to the bottom of each piece of slate. MDF provides a solid, secure location for stapling felt, quiets the table and will not split or crack, which allows the table to be moved and reassembled repeatedly without damage. The slate should be screwed directly to the wood frame of the table.

Rail Construction

The cushions are the most critical aspect of the rail system. Naturally, Spencer Marston would not settle for anything less than cushions that meet or exceed regulation specifications set forth by the Billiard Congress of America. All Spencer Marston cushions are made from 100% pure gum rubber and are cured to a true K-66 face profile, an industry standard for nearly a century. In addition, the nose height of each cushion is consistently 1.41" to 1.45" (62.5%-64.5% the height of a standard pool ball) to maintain optimum performance and consistency in play.

The sub-rail (or rail liner) is the part of the rail that you can't see once your table is assembled. It's what the rubber is actually attached to and it's the part of the rail that comes in contact with the slate and allows the rails to be fastened to the slate. All our sub-rails are made of solid wood. Each of our sub-rails has an aluminum insert which allows for maximum torque on the connecting bolts, making the rails as tight as possible.

The rail cap is the wood section of the rail that is visible and affects the looks of your pool table. It should be made of a hardwood due to the scratching which can occur from cues being scraped across the rail. It is also the part of the rail that can add to the beauty of your table. The solid wood rail cap will combine durability with the most beautiful look to enhance the furniture appeal of your pool table. One benefit of solid wood is that it can be refinished if scarring does develop over the years.

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